This Overview shows some of my select commissional work from the 3D-, Motion-Design- and App-Development-Industry.
Sharp 8K Technology & Ecosystem
eCommerce 3D Boxes
Buhler Sortex F Sorting Machine
Power Plug Animated Ad
3D Visualisation: Bianchi Bicycle
3D Packshot: Head & Shoulders
3D Visualisation: Nikon D7100
3D Visualisation: NVIDIA GTX 980
Armor Man (2020)
Color to the Sunset Sky (2021)
3D Visualisation: EMAX
3D Visualisations of Popular Devices
Machine Visualizations
Game-Cinematic: Crossbow-Warrior
Childrens Savings Account Ad
The Risk not Taken (2011)
Evolution (2009)
Acoustic Mobile App
Buhler Sortex A Sorting Machine
3D Patterns
In-Between Ends (2010)
Future Plant Control